31 January 2007

Customer Service

Have you ever called a company and gotten a representative that you could not hear or understand?

I think that in order to work a phone job you should have a LOUD and CLEAR voice. I have gotten to the point that I do everything over the internet so I do not have to deal with talking to people. I got a deep fryer for Christmas and something on it is broken so I call Rival the company that manufactures it and you can hardly hear the people, I know that it is not my hearing. Then the girl comes on the line, she is quiet and timid. Although I can hear her breathing in the phone as she is looking up my part I have to basically squish the phone inside my ear to hear her speak.

Then to beat everything, they do not have my part and I need to call back in 2 weeks to see if they have it, so I get to go through it all over again!

07 January 2007


I love Christmas Clearance shopping. I went to Target on Friday and bought so much stuff at 90% off. I am set on wrapping paper, bows, boxes, and lights for next year. Every year we have a real tree but I just found out that hubby will be gone next year and I figure I will probably travel at Christmas just for the sake of being around family. So I purchased my first Fake tree. I am so anti-artificial trees, I love the real tree, I love everything about it. But when I was in target they had a prelit, 7 ft tree for 8.99 I just had to get it. I also got one for my friend hers was a little different and it was 1.60. I love a good bargain, don't you!!

03 January 2007

My New Years Resolution

Well it has been a month since my last post and I do feel very neglectful. My resolution is to be a better blogger this year. I seemed to have lost time to blog for the last half of last year.

Today is the hubbys birthday, he is 29. I just made him a birthday cake from scratch, thats right people no cake mix or frosting from a can. I got the Paula Deen, Just Desserts, Cookbook for Christmas and this is the first thing I made from it. The batter tasted good and so did the frosting so we will see how the whole thing comes together at tonights presentation. We are going to out local Japanese steakhouse for dinner, per hubbys request. And my friend Alison and her beau are going with us too. My husband loves sushi and I just cant seem to stomach it, I guess it has to do with the fact that I do not eat anything from the water anyhow.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a proseperous new year.

03 December 2006

Back from Jamaica

I know it has taken me awhile to post since my return from Jamaica.

I do not know why my poor husband and I just can't catch a break, I must have horrible Karma!
We left our house on Friday afternoon to drive 5 hours to Atlanta to meet the in-laws. I could feel that I had a scratch throat but blew it off. I had my teeth cleaned the day before and thought maybe the dental hygenist may have jabbed something. Well we had to be up at 3am on Saturday morning and leave no later than 3:30am. I woke up at 2am, the sore throat was horrendous, I looked closer in the mirror, oh no, I had enlarged tonisls covered in lovely white spots, could it be strep throat. We proceeded to the airport and got checked in and to our gate by 4:30am the flight left at 6:50 better early than late right. I needed motrin and a drink and none of the stores opened until 5am. Oh My God, that was the longest 30 minutes of my life. I finally took 800 mg of Motrin and got a King Sized diet Coke from Burger King, I was set to go. The first part of the flight was good, but I was so tired and my throat was still hurting. We landed in Miami for a 2 hour layover, I started to run a fever and took more Motrin, it did allevate some of the pain. By the time we reached Jamaica, all I could do was sleep, we had a 2 hour bus ride to our hotel and I felt like someone had hit me with a car. We reached Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios and I felt a lot better, the sleep must have helped. We got all checked in and to our room and I slept again for 3 hours this time, I woke up in time for dinner which I forced down, having eaten nothing all day long. My husband finally convinced me to see the doctor since it was the beginning of our vacation and I would rather feel good 2 days in than sick for the whole 6. Well I went to the Nurse at the hotel and he called the doctor, seems I have strep throat and an Upper Resp. Infection. I was loaded up with antibiotics and decongestants and cough syrup. I woke up feeling better Sunday morning and the sun was shining so beautifully, we went to the pool and had tons of drinks at the swim up bar. Then made our way to the beach and rode those big bicycles that are in the water. Our vacation was off to an awesome start after the minor bumps. Then uh oh, it started to rain, we saw our last little bit of sun on Sunday and it did not shine again until after we left. But hey I felt better. We did have a great time, just being away from the kids was good enough, it was still hot and we hung out at the bar a lot and met a ton of really nice people which we hope to keep in contact with. So there you have it folks, my honeymoon update.

15 November 2006

The Countdown to Jamaica

Alrighty folks, I see my ticker today says I have 4 days left until I leave for my belated honeymoon. 6 years belated. I am so ready. I think the only thing that has spared my kids lives this week is the fact they are going to my mother in laws on Friday!! They are driving from Alabama to Atlanta to meet us and get the kiddos. We are flying out of Atlanta, it was cheaper this way and it makes the kid swap easier. It is only a 3 hour trip for the inlaws and a 4 hour trip for us. We come home on Thanksgiving night and will have to drive 3 hours to my inlaws and we are staying there for the rest of the weekend.

I read over on Lori's page that she likes to send and recieve Christmas cards. Oh I do too, I love just the variation of them all so if you would like to exchange addresses for Christmas cards you can email me Kristifuqua@hotmail.com

I will be posting pictures when I get back. I hope you all have a Happy Turkey Day

08 November 2006

Good Morning Bloggers

I am thinking that today is Dr. John's famous marathon, so I will give you all a little something new to read.

Well my hubby is home from sea, after 80 days with very limited communication, he is home. He actually got home on Oct 28th, so he has been home for a short while but we have been really busy since then. It was nice to have him here for Halloween and my birthday which was the 3rd.

Today I want to take the chance to plug a book that helped my marriage, both my husband and I have read it after Quilldancer suggested it in one of my posts. The book is called the Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman if anyone out there needs a little boost in their marriage this is the book to read. I bought my husband and myself a copy and he took his underway with him while he was gone. He shared it with 5 other men, so Quilldancer, I want to thank you for suggesting it, because this is the book that got us over our hump. I now understand my husbands language and I was not speaking it right nor was he mine. But by you suggesting it, and us sharing it with friends and family, you have helped them too. My deepest thanks to you. Usually by this point with him being home from sea, we are not getting a long and the newness had worn off but things are so different this time, there was no newness and we are going smoothly, sure their will be bumps along the way but this is nothing like it was before. Usually I would be ready to chop his head off.

I hope that some of you will pick up a copy of this book if you have never read it, you do not have to have marriage problems, it is wonderful for enriching what you already have. I feel that is what it has really done for me.

Last but not least, my counter is getting closer and closer to us going to Jamaica, we leave next Saturday. We are going this Friday to see Ralphie May from Last Comic Standing, that is our date night. I can't wait. But even more I can't wait for Jamaica!!!

27 October 2006

Kristi does Yoga!!

Ok my blogger buds, I have started Yoga, well I have been doing it for a little over a month now, 2 times a week at sunset. We have a class and it is awesome. The teacher lights candles and plays really cool relazing music. At first I was a little skeptical of participating in the class. I have always wanted to give it a try but when it came down to it I had a lot of fears. My first fear, was not being able to get into the positions. And my second was farting in class. I know a bit juvenile but it is still a fear. Well I took my first class at our local gym. Amazingly I was surpised at just how limber I really was. I managed to get into every position with no problems what so ever. As for the farting thing, never happened and I still have not had the urge. Unfortunalty in my first class there was someone who let it rip, I honastly felt bad for this poor sole but apparently it is something that is all too common and no one made any sort of deal about it. I have been a devout Yogi for the past few weeks, not missing one class at all since my start. Until next week that is, Halloween is on Yoga night and I am going to sacrafice for my children. In the course of a month I have noticed definate changes in my body from Yoga, I am stronger in my legs and arms. I also have a greater sense of balance now than when I began. Also I now see people struggle and pride myself in the fact that I can do the pose and hold it in the advanced postion. Last Thursday our instructor worked our quads big time. I felt it for 4 days after class. It was unreal, I suddenly felt muscles that I did not know I had or that I have not felt in a long time.

Update, word on the street, I should be getting a long awaited visitor this weekend. He has been gone for a very long time!! We are all cleaning and making home really nice for his arrival. The kids are especially excited, they have missed him dearly